Stocking fillers- pleated headbands

Headbands are so cute and versatile. I wore one constantly when I was on holiday in Thailand and Cambodia as they keep your hair off your head in the humidity and hide unsightly unwashed hair. Awesome. I think they would make cute and customisable stocking fillers for Christmas too.

Before recently I had only ever made a couple of headbands in my time and they have been mostly for babies like this one:

I wrote a short tutorial for making a yo yo flower headband if you'd like to have a go at this one. So quick an easy!

In the lead up to my first market stall I was making lots of cosmetic bags in sweet vintage inspired fabrics and realised those same prints would look really cute as a headband. So I enlisted the help of the "google brothers" to find a suitable tutorial. There were heaps out there but my favourite was this pleated headband tutorial by Jess from Craftiness is not Optional (awesome blog by the way, check it out!).

It was super easy and they were really fun to make. Here are some pics:

Pleated headbands

You could whip up a bunch really easily and make them Christmassy with the right fabric and add ons like mini white pom poms, buttons or even silver bells! Cute.

Fun little stocking fillers! Yay.

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In preparing for my first market stall I decided it would be a good idea to start a Facebook page as another way to connect with friends and fellow crafty people.

Since starting the page I have enjoyed sharing my sewing adventures with friends who may not get to see this blog too often and have found it to be a good way to meet more local designers and creators. It opens up a whole new way of being inspired and sharing the love of creating!

If you would like to pop by my facebook page to say hello you can find me at Elegantpaws Designs. (This is my crafty business alter-ego. Cat related, of course.)

See you there!
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