I hold myself accountable....

... I am full of 'the talk.' 'One day I will......' ..'Yes, i'm going to....' 'tomorrow I am...' etc etc etc. So I am going to try and hold myself hostage with this blog in an attempt to shame myself into following through with some of my grand plans. Now it's out there in cyberland, i'll simply have to do the things I say I will or the whole WORLD will be able to see i'm just a lazy dreamer.

Anyway, a tiny bit of back story- About 5 years ago I decided i'd like to buy a sewing machine . About a week after I had that thought, someone dumped a fantastic Janome my excel sewing machine (in perfect working order with all the feet etc) right outside my apartment block, in the spot where you normally find rubbish, old lamps and broken patio furniture. It was a gift from the universe....... but I wasn't quite ready for it. So I carted it around to my next two houses, faithfully knowing one day I would be ready to approach the scary, unfamiliar thing. (Going to a performing arts high school, I completely missed home ec type classes.... being impatient and unco in my youth, it's probably for the best.)

So now I have done a couple of classes and have started making bits and pieces like bags, purses, bibs and burp cloths. I have had lots of fun (and several tantrums) in the process, pouring over blogs and marvelling at the generosity of people so willing to share their patterns and tutorials. One day (when I can actually sew things properly) I'd like to do my bit and give back too.

Now i'm at the point where i'd like to try more complicated things, so this blog is here to document the process and give me some incentive to keep track of my progress- no matter how smal the steps!

This blog is really just for me, but if anyone else is reading along, I hope it's not too boring. x

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