Zing the polite cat

I love cats. All of them, even the cranky ones you wouldn't dare try to pat while their tails are swishing. I have two of my own, Claude and Madeleine who were named after friends of ours who are sisters (that's a long story). Mr Claude and the Kitten make me and my husband Karl so happy every day, just being themselves. Anyone who has owned a cat (or dog for that matter) can understand just how special owning a pet is. I'd be lost without my babies!

Anyway, "Zing the polite cat" is a cute cat softie you can make from Pip Lincoln's book, 'Meet me at Mike's'. Isn't he adorable?

Zing the polite cat

Meet me at Mike's is a lovely little shop in Melbourne, Australia. The book has lots of great projects for novice sewers, with really easy to follow instructions. You can learn to make a purse, softies, baby yoga pants, an Obi and plenty more. They also have a blog which has lots of inspirational stuff and links to some good tutorials for making cute things. Check it out! Meet me at Mike's blogspot

'Meet me at Mike's' book

To make Zing, I cut up a pair of jeans for his body and used a patch of cute goldfish fabric for his belly. (I thought it was quite fitting for a cat softie to have fish in his tummy. hee hee.)
He was fun to make, and now sits on my bookcase with a babushka doll softie and a retro fabric owl.
 I love him!!

Here is a photo of my cat Madeleine having fun with Zing. He sat politely while she gnawed at his leg and disrupted the photo session. Cute.

                                                                 Yay for kittehs!

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