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This year, two of my closest friends (who are also close friends)  both had  baby girls on the same day! It was lovely to welcome Vittoria Simona and Scarlett Rose into the families of two of my favourite ladies.

In preparation for the arrival, both of my friends had showers, of course. Neither knew the sex of their baby so I decided to make a couple of things in the traditional greens and yellows. For something different, I made fabric crib organisers to hang on the cribs and fill with toys and small items. I found two different (but equally lovely) fabrics and set to work.

Here are the results:

 crib organiser
 put cute things in the pockets as gifts!

 crib organiser, cute vintage style fabric

 bias binding on pockets

top pocket
The girls really loved their presents and they were fun to make. I looked at a couple of different tutorials but I ended up making my own version. There's a nice version here from Jess from Craftiness is not optional if you'd like to get the basic idea.

I also made some more of my baby bouquets for the mums to be. This time I experimented with putting the flowers in a box instead of wrapping them like flowers as it seemed to look better and hold together better too.

baby bouquet

baby bouquet
These bouquets are pretty easy to make- you just roll up little socks, washcloths, singlets and bibs and tie with wire. You can arrange them in a box with some plastic leaves and tissue paper to make a unique little present. My friends often tell me they'd like to keep it as it makes a nice decoration but then they can't help but pull it apart to see what's in there!

Welcome babies! 

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