Blog love: embroidery basics from Wild Olive

Last week I found an amazing bargain at my local op shop - the entire 6 folder collection of a subscription series called 'needlecraft magic'.

I ended up buying two folders, one that focuses on the techniques of cross stitch and embroidery and one packed full of stencils and projects incorporating fabric painting with embroidery detail. A true gem for only $5 per folder!!!

Then (as things usually happen in my life) I stumbled upon this blog by Mollie Johnson:

Here, she shares projects and patterns for embroidery and cross stitch and a great little series on embroidery basics. Each week she introduces new techniques for you to follow along, and everything is stepped out simply with great pictures and detail. I would recommend stopping by her blog and the embroidery basics series if you would like a good introduction to this handicraft. I believe it is coming back in vogue in a big way!
I have always admired embroidery but haven't tried it earlier as I figured I am probably too clumsy and impatient and I generally have a lack of attention to detail. However, since the universe led me to the awesomeness of 'needlecraft magic' I am willing to give it a go as I think you could make pieces unique and interesting with embroidered detail.

We'll see how it goes....

In the meantime, here are some links to some cute embroidery patterns I have found for you to enjoy.

Amy from Pimp Stitch shares a tutorial for Embroidered buttons. Too cute!

Catherine of Bumpkin has this gorgeous embroidery pattern on her etsy store, available for pdf download. So cute!

I found a detailed tutorial for making an embroidered Strawberry Shortcake apron from tada creations. Strawberry shortcake was one of my favourite characters as a child, I even had little dolls of her and her cat cheesecake and they both smelled like strawberry. mmmm. :)

There are also heaps of embroidery patterns and tips and tricks to be found on one pretty thing, feeling stitchy and craft gossip.

Feel free to share links to cute embroidery patterns in the comments section!


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Bunny & her Teacup pattern. You found a great bargain there at your op shop! So glad to have found your Blog, I'll be sure to visit lots. Thanks for telling us about Wild Olive, I'll be sure to go and visit her too. Have a lovely week, Catherine x


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