YOUR favourite craft or sewing tutorials

I have an ever growing list of tutorials for things I'd like to have a go at if only there were a few more hours in the day!

I get lots of inspiration from websites such as craft gossip, cut out and keep and one pretty thing where I have discovered not only a whole range of wonderful tutorials but the fantastic blogs they come from.

So today I am curious to hear from you - What sewing or craft tutorials have you been inspired by lately?

I'm pretty open to a range of areas- sewing, craft, papercraft, diy.... anything!

So it's.....

image found at free pretty things for you!

Share a link to your chosen tutorial in the comment section below with a brief description of why you like it so much. Feel free to promote your own tutorials too!

I love reading comments and sharing the blog love, don't you?



  1. I am going to attempt to make one of these Infinity dress' soon

    AND i am SOOO in love with this Obi skirt -

  2. I like to keep it simple while I try to get organized!

  3. oooh, I love the Obi apron Madz, gorgeous!
    Andria, I made one of those corkboard necklace holders and use it all the time.
    Thanks girls!
    Anyone got some other suggestions? xx


I love comments and will always try my best to get back to you and return the love. x

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