Angry birds are go! Part 3

The adventures in Angry Birds costume making continues with some exciting developments. I completed one bird successfully (without the usual accompaniment of swearing/tantrums when I am trying something new) and had fun trying on the costume and dancing around like a lunatic.

The boys were happy with the results, so this week i'll be madly sewing the other two before they all come over on Sunday to help with the finishing touches.

Now I don't want to give it all away before the festival, but I will include a few pics of the sewing process captured by Karl as it came together last week.

Carefully sewing....


'Argh! I should have sewed this part earlier!'
Next episode... The final results!


  1. I am really interested in your patterns for these angry birds. I am also looking for a white bird costume. Can you help me out by giving me specifics on these. What fabric, how much, what to stuff it with ect.. I need them for my husbands halloween party at work. And my kids can wear them for school. Please email me with the specifics ASAP so I can get started. Thanks

  2. Wondering what you used (if you did) for a pattern for the faces? You did such a great job!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi there, a friend drew the faces for me as I am not great at drawing!She just used circles for the eyes and freehand drew the beaks, it looked fairly easy! You cut out the face pieces in white and to have the black outline, draw a bigger circle/shape in black felt. I fused them together with vlisofix. Good luck! Lori, i'll email you soon with some info!


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