new addiction- Pinterest

Sigh.... just when I thought I was fresh out of ways to waste time on the internet I discover Pinterest. This is a wonderful site where you have your own virutal pinboard to curate and showcase the things you love and are inspired by. I could easily spend a day looking at it so I have to be quite disciplined! (slowly back away from the pretty pictures...... )

This site appeals to me because I am quite a visual/kinaesthetic type person. I can work most things out through looking/waching and playing. It's probably why I like crafts and sewing so much, but have trouble tackling patterns ("Can't you just show me how to do it?!?!?!?") There is an endless supply of beautiful images from fashion, food and homewares, craft and sewing projects, beautiful stationary, cute animals and photography of stunning places and spaces. Sensory overload!!

Here are some things I found appealing on Pinterest this week with links to their original source.

Lorajean's magazine, lace and doilies table setting

This is Glamerous

from Faktory Girl

from Fairytales are true

tiny white daisies on tumblr

From Anthonyyy

If you want to have your own Pinterest account, you need to request an invitation first, then you can follow other people's boards and pins and re-pin things you like. You can also use the pinterest tool on your favourites bar to pin anything to your boards that you discover during your internet wanderings. Yay!
If you have a Pinterest account you can follow my pins using the link on the sidebar. I'd love to follow you too!

Happy time wasting!


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