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Ok, that's a really daggy blog post title but I'm sticking with it because I'll bet you probably have a thing for bags too, right?

Now, I don't own a lot of bags myself- I have a few in different colours and styles but I tend to stick to using an old purple faux leather handbag with a broken zipper. It's the perfect size and seems to go with most of my outfits so I use it almost everyday.

I do enjoy making bags though as they're a short sewing project and make good gifts for friends. I made the following little tote for my friend Mandy for her birthday using one of my favourite fabrics from the 'it's a hoot range'. She really liked it which made it easier to part with. I make things for people with them in mind but they usually reflect my taste too so sometimes it can be hard parting with my project babies! That sounds so sad. :)

I also gave Mandy a handmade bag for her birthday last year (luckily she likes bags) which was made from a pattern from the Keyka Lou range. If you'd like to have a go at sewing bags and purses, check out Keyka Lou's patterns using the link on my sidebar. The patterns come as a pdf and have great instructions with lots of pictures.

When I got married last year I made myself a little clutch using leftover ivory silk from the train of my dress. (I'm a little on the short side so there was quite a bit leftover) The purse has a couple of pleats and a yo yo flower. I managed to find a sparkly button for the centre of the yo yo that coincidently matched my shoe bling. It was a happy accident.

Here is a pic taken by Rasha, our wonderful wedding photographer:

For my friend Lyndal's birthday last year I made her a make up bag using some sweet babushka print fabric. I had a go at applique for the first time and appliqued a doll and a mushroom to the back. She uses the bag all the time even though she busted the zipper trying to squeeze too many things into it. :)

I think it's about time I either bought or made some more bags as my 'ye olde faithful' bag has seen better days and probably needs to be retired.

Where else to search for some inspiration other than etsy? Here are some cute bags and clutches I have found that suit my taste. You can click on them to go through to the shop. What do you think?

Etsy Love

Lots of cuteness! These should keep me motivated for a little while.... What cute bags have you spotted lately in the blogosphere? I'd love to know!

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  1. I really like the make up bags and the little farm house purse is adorable.. i have a thing for fabric hehe :)


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