Market stall beginnings

Part of the reason I started this sewing blog was to try and hold myself accountable. I am queen of saying 'I'm going to do this or that' then getting distracting by something shiny or furry and forgetting all about it.

Part of the plan for this year was to sew enough things to have my own market stall at the end of the year. I like making baby and kids things and sewing things for adults and for the home, so I will probably need to have two different stalls so things don't get confusing. I'll have to read more about this as an idea so if anyone has any tips about market stalls, I'd love to hear them!

Anyway, I have started getting my 'collection' underway by sewing some bags and purses. It has been good to wear down my stash of fabrics as it means I now have some space to go out and buy some more! Yay!

Here is what is have made so far:

vinyl covered cosmetic bag

pleated wristlet purse
small satchel (pattern by keyka Lou)

Let me know what you think, i'd love to hear your feedback! All comments and suggestions welcome!

Lindsey. xx


  1. Love the wristlet purse Lindsey - it's so hard to find those! I would buy one in a second. Kim

  2. Such a great idea! I love the fabric that the wrislet purse is made out of, you'll have no trouble selling cute stuff like this :)


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