1st Market stall wrap up

Well, I made it! After many hours sewing, organising, planning, spending and stressing, I arrived at my first market stall armed with a table full of goods and a huge sense of accomplishment. Really, I can't remember the last time I put this much effort into anything so I was happy to have made it in one piece with my sanity (mostly) in tact.

The weather conditions were not optimal- cold, miserable and rainy, but as the market stall was held indoors at St Michael's Primary School, we were well sheltered from the elements.

I arrived at the gate to be greeted by a group of parent helpers and strong kids who took my table and boxes and carried them inside for me.I could hear a seasoned marketeer (my fun invented word) telling her pal she wished she had this kind of help every time she worked a market.... a luxury no doubt!

I set up carefully laying out my tablecloths (pre pressed) and pinning on my bunting. I put out the boxes of pencil cases and make up bags and placed all my signs in their right spots. Then I changed into my dress and put one of my headbands on to show what they look like.

While this was all happening, experienced marketeers busily attended their stalls and wares, setting up and getting organised. As I looked around I felt a little nervous and out of place with my small table of goods, but before I could psych myself out, I took a deep breath and reminded myself I really had done all that I could.

Karl arrived shortly afterwards, bought me a glass of champagne and took some photos:

Market stall table set up

logo in frame

table shot of things for sale

coin purses, headbands and make up bags

framed logo and make up bags

cute hair accessories by a colleague, 'Love Willow'

pleated headbands

wearing a pleated headband

All together I sold 18 of my pieces and lots of hair accessories by my colleague Kristin. I was really happy with that for a first go. The most popular items were the pencil cases and coin purses in the prints for kids. I didn't sell any of my make up bags or cushions but those kinds of adult gifts may do better at a different market. I might put some thought into streaming products for kids and adults and maybe keep them separate. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Overall I am really glad I took the leap and booked myself on the market stall. It forced me to think seriously about doing the work as a 'job' and gave me an insight into the process right from daydream to market stall. I know now that I am capable of doing it and I have a good lot of stock which can form the basis of a possible future collection if I'd like to try it again sometime.

Watch this space!

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