First market stall - what I have learned so far

I have been super quiet on my blog in the last few weeks as I prepare for my first market stall coming up in 1 week + 1 day. I have learned a lot from the process and thought I'd reveal some of these things in order to perhaps help anyone else there thinking they're ready to have their own stall:

Things I have learned in preparing for my first market stall
  1. Yes, booking yourself in for a market stall in 1.5 months will be a good motivator to get organised. However.....
  2.  1.5 months is nowhere near as long as you think.... or enough time to build stock from scratch
  3.  Faffing around making a logo for 3 weeks is not encouraged and should be considered before you even book a market stall
  4.  Cutting fabric and ironing on interfacing will be the bane of your existence and takes 3 times longer than you expect it to
  5. Deciding to do a market stall during a time when you have two away trips for work is not advised
  6. Drinking wine while sewing at night is not a winning combination
  7. Buying every pink piece of fabric you're attracted to will result in a very pink market stall, leaving you scrambling one week out to make things in blues, greens and purples
  8. organising business cards and paper bags for your goods in advance will help you to stress less.
Ok so during this whole process I have taken things pretty much in my stride and things have been going pretty well. That is until I realised last night just how much pink I have in the collection and not a lot else. Eeep!

I have a little time left and some ideas, along with the support of my amazing husband who even offered to iron on interfacing for me which is so sweet (he has no idea how dull it is...).

So I better get back to it, here's some pics so you can see where I'm at so far (pink land, apparently!) Thanks go of course to Karl for taking pics and making my things look pretty!

cosmetic bags

vinyl covered coin purses

14" cushions

So that's most of what I have so far. I also have a few pencil cases and I'm trialling some headbands at the moment. Hopefully I can get everything done in time!

wish me luck!

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