Pencil cases/make up bags

Today I'm writing this post while away in Western Australia for work. With the market stall coming up in two weeks (argh!) the week long trip away wasn't exactly the best timing, however I have made good use of my spare time by spending 2 hours fusing interfacing to 17 sets of purse pieces. Now they're all ready to sew up when I get home. I love that the boring part is now out of the way and I get to sew! Hee hee.

Before I left I made some prototypes of the purse styles I'd like to make for the market and cut lots of fabric. I made a couple of pencil cases which could also be used as make up bags using elephant printed fabric I bought on my trip to Thailand. I also made one using some of my favourite kokka fabric which has framed ballerinas and cute Paris icons like the eiffel tower and arc de triumph.

Here is a pic of the front:

I'm pretty happy with this part but not as happy with the back. I thought it would be sweet to include one of the Paris icons on the back of the case. I found some sweet little heart eyelet lace and put r together. All was fine until I boxed the corners of the case and lost the bottom part of the eiffel tower. :(

Oh well, it was a fun experiment and I still love it overall. Ah the perils of experimental sewing! Fun.

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