Paris fabric cushions

I visited Paris over Christmas time about 8 years ago and simply loved the city. It's everything you dream it would be plus a magic you weren't counting on. There's a reason the cliche about falling in love in Paris exists, but no-one tells you the love you have is for the city itself. :)

Anyhoo luckily for me you can find all sorts of accessories and home wares to put a little bit of Par-ee into your life and there's plenty of French themed fabric out there too.

One of my favourites is a lovely Eiffel Tower fabric from Michael Miller. A while ago I used the red printed fabric to make some cushions for friends who really liked them. I decided to buy some more in red and black to make little cushions to sell at the market stall I have coming up at the end of the month. I backed each cushion with a plain black polka dot. Here's a pic:

Eiffel Tower fabric cushions

So far I have made 5 black and have cut fabric for 4 red cushions. If you'd like to make your own, I followed this great little video tutorial from Brett Bara's website the Manhattan Craft room. It was pretty easy and cushions would make nice gifts for Christmas I think. Brett also has a nice little book called 'Sewing in a straight line' which I'd like to check out too.

What French themed home wares do you have?

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