a handmade Christmas- fabric coasters

I love the idea of only giving handmade presents for Christmas. Sewing gifts is one of my favourite things to do and seems to dominate this blog. I hardly have anything I've sewn for myself! Instead I have lots of pics and memories of people enjoying the things I've made them so that's pretty nice. :)

Anyway, this year I'm not sure I'll have time to make everyone something, however if the little market stall I'm preparing for isn't a roaring success I should have some things left to give to family and friends. Sweet!

One thing I'd like to make alongside cushion covers and wall hangings are sets of quilted coasters. I have seen some gorgeous ones out there and they seem pretty easy to make. With my growing obsession with fabrics it also provides an opportunity to use all those pretty pieces in a lovely way.

I got the idea for making fabric coasters from Amy of Nana Company. She makes the most amazing patchwork and embroidered things, they're so beautiful. Check out her blog for pics and pretty things to buy.

Amy has made some lovely eating mats and coasters using pretty combinations of fabrics, patchwork and embroidery. Sigh, if only I was this talented!

Here are some mats and coasters I like best from Amy:


I love the floral prints and the complimentary ric rac detail. So sweet! I doubt I could make some as nice as these but they provide a good source of inspiration!

Here are some more cute coasters by Anna from Noodlehead. I like the quilting detail on these and the lovely fabric combinations. Recently I bought one of Anna's runaround bag pattern that i'm looking forward to sewing up. Check out her blog if you haven't already, she has free tutorials and lots of inspiration to enjoy!

 So I think I'm ready to give it a go, the hard part will be choosing which fabrics to go for first.

 Thanks for the inspiration ladies!


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