My first market stall - what to make?

I have been talking about having a little market stall for, I don't know, almost a year now I think. I am great at having 'ideas' for things then never actually doing anything about them. This is how this blog came about in the first place- it was an attempt to keep me accountable. Seems it's worked, because as the one year anniversary of my blog looms (!) I've decided to book myself a stall at a little market and just get myself there.  

The little market is on at the end of November and is being held at a little primary school as a 'mum's night out'. it's an opportunity for mums to buy Christmas presents, stocking fillers and whatever else takes their fancy.

In order to fit in with this I have to decide what to make because at this stage I don't have one thing I would be happy selling. So.... lots of work to do. Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated!

Image from FPTFY

 The market organiser wanted some homewares and general 'funky and fun stuff''.  I have had a look through some things I've made in the past and have come up with a few ideas for a collection: 

Little zipped coin purses in cute fabrics

Clutches in gorgeous vintage style fabrics

Tote bags in a variety of styles

Sweet little hair ties and headbands

Cushions and covers in a variety of styles 

Embroidery hoops with lovely fabrics

I think I'll see how I go with these to start with, however I might also like to include some sunglasses cases, little drawstring pouches and make up bags. I guess I'll have to see what it looks like as the collection starts then go from there.

On top of that I'm trying to finalise a logo to use on tags, business cards and other promotional things in case anyone wants to follow the markets up with future purchases. There's also the stall display, carry bags and storage to consider too....

I think I've put myself in a good position for selling things for the first time- it's a low pressure environment and if I don't sell anything/much I have a whole lot of lovely things to give to friends and family at Christmas time. 

Safest option yet..... :)

Any suggestions or hints & tips for my first market stall would be greatly appreciated!  

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