baby shower decorating ideas- clothes line & wishing tree

To help me prepare for a dear friend's baby shower, I have been trawling the internet for inspiration and decorating ideas.

Recently I came across the preppy and pink blog which has some truly gorgeous styling and photography of events like birthday parties and baby showers. I found a post Stacy wrote about styling for her best friend's baby shower for twin girls. The pictures are amazing so head over to the post to check it out.

I was most inspired by this adorable washing line and decided I would love to try something similar.

Isn't it just adorable?!? My friend is having a boy so I'm going to use lots of baby blues for my baby shower washing line. I could have a couple of bibs, some appliqued singlets, maybe a couple of onesies and some  embroidery hoops hung up on the line. 

I also loved this wishing tree she made. The guests make a wish for the mum, dad and babies and tie it onto branches displayed in a vase. I think it's a beautiful idea not only because it looks lovely, but the wish cards would be nice things for my friends to keep. Have a look at how my baby shower wishing tree turned out if you like!

Thanks for the inspiration Stacy!

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