planning a crafty baby shower

It's baby season at the moment and I have lots of friends welcoming their first babies into the world. It's such an exciting time for them and baby showers are a lovely way of celebrating the occasion.

I'm helping out one lovely and excited friend for her shower and have teamed up with her mum and two other friends to help organise a party. I took charge of decorating (yay!) and have been busily trawling through some of my favourite sites like hostess with the mostess and Martha Stewart to get some ideas.

There are so many different theme ideas out there, but since my friend knows she's having a boy, I thought sticking to blue and yellow would probably work best.

Here are some pics and links to some baby shower ideas I have been loving in my travels.

The first comes from Kathleen at Twig & Thistle. Her beautiful blue and yellow baby shower features Matryoshka dolls, a blue banner, a fun little crossword, blue pom poms and some sweet handmade favours. I'd definitely like to try some of these ideas and thank Kathleen for the inspiration!

banner, cake with Matryoshka dolls and blue pom poms

sewn favours with shortbread biscuits inside. yum!

 I came across a lovely post from Michele at The Scrap Shoppe. She made a beautiful fabric flower corsage I would love to try and make for my friend. Just gorgeous.

fabric corsage from The Scrap Shoppe blog

A cute idea I saw at a recent baby shower was to make a bouquet for the mum-to-be out of rolled up baby socks, onesies and washcloths. They looked so cute and you can make them in colours to match your theme! Here are some pics, and you can see a video tutorial from a Martha Stewart episode here on you tube.

baby shower bouquet

baby shower bouquet
 I think I'm also going to make some blue and yellow fabric bunting to decorate the baby shower. My friend can keep it and put it up in the baby's room if she likes too, so it doubles as a gift.
I found a fabric bunting pattern on the Chickabug blog and bought some blue fabrics to get started. I'll also need some yellow fabrics and some bias binding to put it all togther.

Here is an example of a vintage bunting diy kit you can purchase through The Haby Goddess:

vintage bunting diy kit from the Haby Goddess

I think these ideas will keep me busy for a little while. Have you got any cute baby shower ideas to share?



  1. I love baby shower decorations that double as gifts!

  2. That bouquet thing is such a great idea! I'll have to tell my mom - she loves that stuff.

  3. LOVE the ideas! I'm sure it will be BEAUTIFUL and your friend will love it :)

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my bracelet, if you end up making one, take pics! I'd love to see it!


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