baby shower decorations- baby bunting

One of my oldest and dearest friends is having her first baby next month and we're getting pretty excited! I've been helping to organise a crafty baby shower and have been planning lots of decorations for the party.

I decided to make some bunting for the occasion and found this fabric bunting pattern on the chickabug blog. Since we know she's having a little boy we decided to use blues and yellows for the theme of the shower. I found some cute animal printed fabrics and some coordinating spots and stripes in lovely blues and yellows.

Here's a picture of the final result:

I figured making bunting would be pretty straight forward so I worked it out as I went along, but here are some instructions anyway in case you'd like to have a go too. 


(I transferred my paper pattern onto cardboard to make it easier to cut around with a rotary cutter)
  • small amount of fabric,  6 different patterns/colours
  • bias binding
  • machine
Step one: cut out your flags
For bunting with 12 flags, you will need 2 of each different fabric you have.
place two 7" (17.5cm) wide strips of fabric right sides together on your cutting mat.
Cut out two triangles using your bunting pattern.
Repeat for all of your different fabrics

Step two: pin and stitch
Give each set of triangles (still right sides together) a little press and pin around the two long sides, leaving the base of the triangle open.
Sew around the two long sides of the triangle. Clip the corners and press the seams to shrink and set stitches.
Turn all your triangles right side out and poke out the point of the triangle using a chopstick. Press nicely.

Step three: attach to bias binding

Determine the order you would like your flags to go in and line them up.
Cut your piece of bias binding to this length PLUS about 14" (35cm) on each end to allow for tying up. (This may be longer or shorter depending on your preference)
Pin the flags inside the fold of the bias binding starting in the middle so you have an even length of binding on each end for tying.

Step four: Sew closed
Using a matching coloured thread, stitch the bias binding closed close to the seam all the way along the bunting.
knot the ends and give the whole thing a press.

Admire your work and hang it up somewhere to enjoy.

I think fabric bunting looks so sweet and the style options are endless. This decoration doubles as a sneaky present too as my friend could hang it up in the baby's room if she likes.

Happy bunting making!


  1. Wow. Handmade decorations - your friend is a lucky girl! The colors look great together - I'm lovin' it.


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