Gorgeous accessories from madeit.com

For all you lovely non-Australian readers out there, we have our very own etsy type online shop here in oz called madeit which stocks a huge array of beautiful handmade things. It's a nice feeling being able to support fellow crafters in Oz and by using Madeit we can avoid the sometimes large postage price for shipping things to our far-flung country.

Here are some cute accessories that have caught my eye on Madeit today. Click on each pic to follow the link.

Sophie & Jack Vintage inspired bobby pin set
 These gorgeous hairclips from Sophie & Jack are so sweet. I love cabuchons and these colours are my favourites.

Sophie & Jack, English rose hair elastic
 I adore the fabric on these button hair ties from Sophie & Jack too. So darling, I wish I was young enough to have pigtails or plaits so I could wear these everyday without getting mocked at work. :)

Little Peanut Rose ring
 This beautiful resin ring is gorgeous. Sigh, I need more money. :)

Citrus Pop Vintage inspired necklace
 More cabuchons and cuteness. I am sensing a theme today....I'm fairly predictable sometimes....!

These little accessories are so sweet and I would recommend anyone go and check out Madeit for lovely handmade things from talented Australians.

Now, to put in an early birthday present order from me to me.....


  1. I love MadeIt! So much awesome stuff. Though I wish they would improve the site a bit cause I have found it hard sometimes to find stuff



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