'I love tea' embroidery pattern

I have a love for all things sewing and crafty, and lately I have started doing some simple embroidery. I have found Wild Olive to be a wonderful resource as Mollie has a fab series in embroidery basics I have been following.

Today Mollie shared a link to a post on Michelle's lovely crafty blog, Scissor Quirk, of a darling embroidery pattern called 'I love tea.' Michelle has kindly allowed me to share a picture of her work with a link to the post so you can download the pdf of the pattern too.

'I love tea' Embroidery pattern from Scissor Quirk

Isn't it cute? I love the smiling tea cup and the little cookies. I start every work day with the lovely ritual of making myself a cup of tea so naturally this pattern really appeals to me. It also looks fairly easy to stitch which is good for an embroidery novice.

Maybe this lovely embroidery would look nice in a hoop in the kitchen?


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