finding success later in life.

Yesterday I read an inspiring article about finding success later in life written by Candice Chung. The article discusses the idea that despite occurances throughout history of genius presenting itself at a young age (think Mozart, Picasso etc) it isn't always the case, and that there isn't actually a link between age and peak creativity.

This spells hope for me and other 30 something 'late bloomers' as Candice describes. The article assures us that perhaps like Vivienne Westwood (started working full time in fashion at 30) and Jane Austin (published her first book at 35) our best work may be ahead of us.

This gave me a huge amount of reassurance as it really does seem like everyone glorified in popular culture and media at the moment are strapping lads and lasses in their late teens and early to mid 20s. Candice says the belief that you 'either have to excel early or not at all' doesn't actually exist, and it's just our assumption based on what we've seen in history. Some of those amazing artists, composers and directors seem to hit their stride at an age where some of us are still grappling with 'Will this 8th glass of beer/wine/vodka be a good or a bad idea?'

For me, I'm just grateful I discovered my passion for sewing at all. For a while there I felt there was a big gaping hole in my creative life and I tried many different things to try and fill it. Sewing and crafts have definitely been the best fit for me and I look forward to seeing where this passion will take me. Fun places I imagine.
One of the best things I took from the article was this wonderful quote from Candace that I would like to print and read regularly. I think they are words to craft by so hopefully you like them too:

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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