Inspiration needed today!

I am feeling a little sad today because I have just finished reading an article I found on Handmadeology called 5 real dangers of quitting your day job by Jacqueline of Jacqueline Jewelry.

Basically, Jacqueline outlines the reality of working full time on your online business and highlights the many pitfalls of trying to do this. Phrases from the article that have contributed to me feeling like my little craft business dream is a total waste of time include: 'Earnings are not consistent' 'Money is not made by perusing. It is made by doing something concrete and having people buy something' 'You do not hear about the millions who failed' and finally 'Depression and poor motivation are serious issues with quitting your day job'.

Yipppeeee!!! Dire or what? I can only laugh really and take it as the reality check most people need when thinking about chucking it all in for the idealistic dream of being a full time, financially stable creative artist. I thanked Jacqueline for the healthy dose of reailty because I will take on board what she has said. I have being saying for a while now that it's best for me not to have high expectations and put pressure on myself, and to just focus on the part which I love the most- making and giving. That's all I can do I guess!

Now- to cheer myself up I'm going to delve into Pinterest and share some nice things with you.

lovely Kidson fabric

cutie Animal Alphabet by Paola Zakimi

super cute baby fox- Graham Ten
naw. Kitties always cheer me up!
beautiful Salzburg, Vienna. Lovely memories. Sunsufer tumblr
a lovely walk would be nice. A cottage in the woods tumblr

inspiring words. :)

Ok, I'm feeling much better now!

What cheers you up?



  1. Yes, to be one's own boss would be fantastic and to be able to make a living doing what we love would be fantastic and I do think it is possible so don't give up on your dream. Keep the day job and do the other after hours and if it works out then chuck the day job Ÿ Hope it all works out great for you.

  2. Aww, I love that last quote! Very true x

  3. I get discouraged with my blogging and Etsy shop so often, especially when I see how amazingly talented others are. I would say that Pinterest cheers me up too, but I think it's more accurate to say that it distracts me from doing something more productive...but at least it's a fun way to procrastinate! =)

  4. Wonderful inspiration photos! Sometimes, you just have to get away from the negative...


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