making a baby shower invitation

It certainly feels like baby season at the moment. Lots of my friends are gearing themselves up for the arrival of their sweet little bundles which can mean only one thing- bring on the baby showers!

I loved being involved in my friend Mandy's shower and had so much fun making all kinds of baby shower decorations. So when my lovely friend Carla needed some help organising an invitation for her shower, I happily offered to try and make something using my fledgling photshop skills. She wanted to email the invitations which meant I only had to come up with something that would look good as an attached jpeg image.

Here is how it turned out: 

 baby shower invitation design

To get started, I first went to work looking for some cute baby themed clip art. Through Etsy I found an adorable digital clip art set called Lime Green Baby Fairy by little fairyland for just $5 US. So cute! There is so much to choose from on Etsy and you can buy the images so cheaply. There's no way I could draw things like this so I'm happy to pay for someone elses talents! (I know my limitations...)

With the clip art as the base for the design, I decided I'd like some sky and clouds to represent the background of the 'washing line'. For this I used a scalloped edge brush and a cartoon cloud brush. I love polka dots so I made a  dotty design using a tutorial from pugly pixel for the background of the text. Then I just added a couple more of the clip art images for some detail and added a border.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out for a first go. My friend liked it too which is great news! I think I'll try to use Photoshop to make her a banner to hang up at the shower too. We'll see.

I have really been loving experimenting with Photoshop and recommend it for tech savvy creative types. The possibilities are endless. I'd quite like to have a go at Illustrator too but I think that's a bit of a step up.

What should I make next?


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