more fun with photoshop tutorials

Recently I have discovered Photoshop as a fun tool for designing and enhancing images. So far I have really enjoyed using it and learning new things. I am hoping to gain enough skills in using Photoshop to make my own branding and perhaps my own cards, gift tags and invitations. We'll see how far I get with it!

Yesterday I followed a fun tutorial from pshero for making frayed denim patches with stitches. I thought this would be a handy one to do as I think I'd like to incorporate stitches into my logo to suggest a 'handmade' sort of feel. Also, I love using denim in my projects because it's so versatile and goes with every colour. It also gives the backs of purses and bags some weight and stability.

Here is how it turned out:
Today, I decided to have another go at using the denim patch idea combined with a scalloped circle I downloaded from Pugly Pixel as part of my premium membership (costs only $5 for heaps of awesome things!).
I fiddled around with a few other things and came up with this:

While I wouldn't use this as a logo for Elegantpaws Designs, I quite like the scalloped circle with holes in it like a doily. I also like the stitching idea too.  Maybe I could try something like this but with polka dots... the possibilities are endless!

Since my skills are clearly fledgling though I think it's going to take some work to get to a place where I can make something that will a) suit my handmade things and b) live up to my expectations! I may never get there but i'm having fun, and if it means I have some ideas to give to a professional logo designer to work with (and make 100 times better) then that's a win too.


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