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Once again I find myself trawling through countless pages of inspring goodies on Pinterest. It makes me giddy with excitement like the proverbial kid in a candy/toy store. It's becoming an obsession!

This week I discovered the pins of Laura Caamano Puente. You can see her boards and pins once you've signed up for Pinterest. She has a stupendous collection of gorgeous things and lots of sewing and craft tutorials she has found or repinned from the boards of others. I found her because she repinned my sewing tutorial for making a mini zippered coin purse.

Here are a few tutorials I found on Laura's board "tutoriales" that I thought were cute and would like to try.
Pleated Tote bag tutorial- by Laura from thimble
Baby shoes from Colourful Creative Ideas

Linen flowers from the Brides Cafe
Crochet flower tutorial from the Yvestown blog

DIY lampshade tutorial from Teeny blessings

Pinterest really is a wonderful source of inspiration. Check it out and see what makes you go crazy!


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  1. Oh, I LOVE those baby shoes! And the flower doilies!! Beautiful!


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