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Since joining Twitter I have been exposed to more wonderful and lovely craft and sewing blogs than you can poke a knitting needle at. It has been fun flitting all over the interwebs looking, listening and absorbing what experienced crafters and handmade business owners generously offer and I feel quite inspired and motivated.

I would like to highlight one lovely blog I have discovered by Mayi Carles called heartmade. It is a wonderful resource to help 'empower creative hearts' and inspire and motivate wannabe handmade business entrepeneurs (like me).

Mayi is so vivacious, enthusiastic and positive and a wonderful writer.You can subscribe to her newsletter for weekly updates, inspiration and resources, or browse through her online resources, tutorials and templates. After signing up to the newsletter, I received her weekly to do planner, and the the next day, receieved two free E books on success with social media and marketing tips. So generous!

Her lovely website has a really positive message with lots of tips to help you to cultivate your creativity along with ideas to help you get organised, plan and follow through. Since I have a propensity to be lazy and dreamy, I think the tools will be the helpful butt kicking I need! 

Check out heartmade or follow her on twitter @mayicarles  and enjoy the infectious enthusiasm for your mutual crafty love.

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