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During this time of economic wariness, I feel less and less inclined to go out shopping and spending money I don't have. I still love giving presents though so it means I need think thriftily when it comes to friend's birthdays and other celebrations.

So lately I have just been making presents instead of buying them and using sites like free pretty things for you to download super cute cards and gift tags. I love being able to give someone something handmade because it's a way I can show them how special they are to me.

Here are some pics of things I have sewn up for friends lately:

make up bag, Kokka fabric
Paris fabric cushion

front and back of cushions

vinyl make up bag, oven mitt by Mozi

To make the cushions, I followed a really easy and wonderful video tutorial by Brett bara. View it here then make your own!
With many more birthdays and baby showers on the way, I have my hands full with sewing gifts. Just the way I like it. :)


  1. FABULOUS!! Oh please please PLEASE share where you found that beautiful red Eiffel Tower fabric!!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

  2. Hi Deborah, it's from a range by Michael Miller. I bought it in a shop in Sydney but I'm sure you could find it anywhere as it's fairly popular! Good luck. :)


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