Purse Week- a lemon squeezy home

I just stumbled across this fun looking purse contest on a Lemon Squeezy Home. Since I am a lover of purses and bags (mostly because I can't sew much else!) I think this would be a good one for me to have a go at to test out my creative bag making skills.... if I have any!


The entries from last year were just gorgeous! From the top 10, I liked these two the best:

Bowling Bag from Lifestyles with Love
 How cute are the pigs and apples? I had a look at the Lifestyles with Love website and there are so many cute little purses with gorgeous Kawaii fabrics and Zakka prints. Sweet!

Grey clutch lbg studio

Beautiful fabric and style. I love a clutch. So chic!

I might have a go at making a clutch too. Maybe with some pleats and a zippered section. We'll see!

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