Angry Birds are go! Part 1

'Playground Weekender' is a dance music festival which takes place every year in Wiseman's Ferry, NSW. They have a special tradition whereby everyone must dress up in costume for one of the nights, with fabulous and entertaining results. Here are some pics of friends from previous events.

Recently there was a discussion on facebook between friends who were trying to work out what they wanted to do for the costume night. Madeleine (green ghost above) came up the the brilliant idea of the boys going as Angry Birds. I recently had a short addiction to the game so I was super enthusiastic about this and promtly offered my services (with absolutely NO IDEA how to make a costume at all). With some quick fingers and google assistance (where would we be without it?) I found the following entry on the clock blog of some impressive looking handmade Angry Bird costumes:

Jordan from The Clock Blog kindly emailed me some instructions (now on his blog) on how to make these wonderful and hilarious costumes which I forwarded on to the interested party.
I am now in the 'discussion, measuring and meeting phase' with Josh, Seb and Jimmy to try and work out how we are going to do this. I thought it might be fun to track our progress and the final results.

Let the Angry Birds costume making challenge begin!


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