Vege tagine + spiced quinoa

For those of you who know me well, you'll agree it's a rare occassion for me to be found in the kitchen for any purpose other than for washing dishes (joy of joys). I'm not the master of spatulas, measuring cups or of wooden spoons (uness I'm winning one for the 'poorest efforts in the kitchen awards') mostly because Mr Elegantpaws does such a super job, that most of the time i'd really only get in the way.
I'm much better off lying on the couch with a glass of red watching something mindless on tv and offering supportive and encouraging comments such as, 'need any help dear?' 'oooh, that smells good' and 'when's it going to be ready i'm hungry' etc.

Anyway, since i've been on a gluten free diet, I have been keen to try and get a variety of grains into my diet so i'm not relying on rice and buckwheat. I have heard a lot about Quinoa (Keen-Waaa) so I hunted around for something easy I could make and I found this recipe:

Sweet potato, zucchini and chick pea tagine
It turned out really well much to my surprise, there weren't even any burnt bits in it from the bottom of the pan! It's pretty healthy with all the vegies and protein from the chickpeas. The quinoa is made in the same way as cous cous (I think..) and makes a good replacement in general.

I did add a couple of variations to the recipe:

- we didn't have any sweet potato so I used carrot
- I roasted some pumpkin and stirred it through the quinoa, making it super tasty and a dish you could probably eat on its own.  

It was quick and easy and I highly reccommend it for any of your friends who are vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/lactose free. Feel free to pass on the tasty food love!


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