Angry birds are go! Part 2

In 'Angry Birds are go! Part 1', we established the premise for making 3 padded costumes for my friends Josh, Jimmy and Seb. Now we begin the process of making it a reality.

We had our first costume meeting over a couple of drinks and discussed some important factors: Will they be able to sit down? How hot will the costumes be to wear? Will they be able to go to the bathroom easily? Who can we convince to be the pig so we can tackle them all night?
After taking these things into consideration, I made some measurements, discussed fabric and entertained Seb's idea of also making a 'cool vest' which houses two ice packs and one plastic hip flask for easy access to booze. Of course.

Here are some photos of the process, taken by my clever husband Karl who was along for funsies.

Josh- Black bird

Jimmy- red bird


Seb- yellow bird
Seb's 'cool vest' sketch

The next step was for me to go away and draft the patterns for each bird......

Being a terrible drawer and a total novice at pattern making for clothes/costumes, I asked my work colleague Sara for some suggestions. Sara, is conveniently both an Angry Birds addict (she's finished all the levels, bought several upgrades etc) AND someone highly skilled in pattern and costume making (where do I find these people?!). She not only explained how to make the costumes, she helped me tape up giant pieces of butcher's paper together and drew ALL the patterns for me!!! What a legend!!! She did us the biggest favour and saved me a whole world of pain. Woo hoo!

With the red bird pattern tucked under one arm, I visited a fabric shop in Marrickville, Sydney, where I managed to purchase some red polyester for $3 per metre. Bargain. The original costumes I'm basing ours on were made from polar fleece, which is way too hot for February in Australia. 

So now I'm ready to check the patterns against the boys to mark spots for arm and leg holes, then I can get started!


  1. I love that you were doing the measuring at the Stratton!!

  2. I love that you figured out it was Stratton's from blurry background shots!


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