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This year, I'd like to make enough stuff to have a little market stall somewhere. I could make bags, purses, jewelery, hair clips, baby bibs, skirts... the usual suspects at markets I guess!
There are lots of fantastic markets in Sydney and the handmade craze has really opened doors for some clever and inspiring designers.

Markets like the Finders Keepers or Mathilda's Markets get me really excited. I love to see what people are creating out there and often come back with lots of ideas and inspiration. I am also addicted to textiles so they are a fun place to go to touch lots of things. :) These two markets are for well established businesses and are a little competitive to get into (not to mention pricey to set up) but I might get there one day.

At this stage, I don't have any idea if anyone would even be interested in the things I can make, so before I go overboard with branding and a business plan, I think it would be worthwhile trying my hand at a little local market to suss out the scene. If it goes well, great, if not then i'll have made lots of things I can give away as presents and i'll have learned a lot in the process. Win win.

Anyway, I 'like' Finders Keepers Markets on Facebook and they posted an interesting article, top 10 tips: applying for the markets on their blog. It has given me something to think about and something to aim for in the future.

First things first though, you can't have a market stall without stuff in it. Better get sewing then. :)

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