Mexican oilcoth

One lazy Saturday, I was driving to one of my favourite fabric stores, the Quiltsmith (in Leichhardt, Sydney) when I drove past a shop called 'me too please'. I had to stop as they had rolls and rolls of Mexican Oilcloth o display and I got very excited! I have looked up projects with oilcloth in the past but hadn't seen any around until now.
Lisa, the owner of the shop was really lovely and helped me pick out some prints and gave me some ideas for use of the oilcloth.

I picked up some large coffee tins from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville for $1 each (Reverse garbage is like a treasure trove of discarded things from warehouses just waiting to be upcycled!) and covered them with the oilcloth using double sided tape. these could be used to store pasta etc as they're air tight.

Here are some pictures of the process:
find a suitable tin

use these things to cut out and stick

enjoy your retro looking tins

 I love oilcloth and can't wait to have a go at sewing with it! Yeay!

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